Dined, Wined and Manhandled in Tbilisi

I left Georgia full-bellied, sun kissed and wholeheartedly cleansed. The food, weather and people in and around Tbilisi had treated me most favourably on my long weekend. Georgia is an ancient nation, located in the Caucasus mountains, wedged between Europe and the Middle East. For centuries, Georgia has experienced the peaks and troughs of conflict: long eras of rule and prosperity followed by invasions and occupation. Perhaps scarred by the continual presence of unwanted visitors, Georgians could be forgiven for being a little hostile. However, an ingrained sense of hospitality seeps through this country, from helpful stranger to restaurant host, tour guide to masseur. Read on and you will see what I mean. 

The Allure of Buenos Aires

There is no city quite like Buenos Aires. That should come as no surprise because, of course, every city is unique. Anywhere that a few million people call home is bound to be bustling, will undoubtedly be exciting, and will certainly be a hotbed of cultural diversity. However, the allure of the Argentine capital runs deeper than this bustling, diverse surface; there is a genuine buzz to the place, an intangible atmosphere that exudes from its various neighbourhoods. There is a Buenos Aires lifestyle, which draws in residents and visitors alike.

Winding Through The Wine Region

A glass of Malbec, a tender rump steak, a measured smattering of chimichurri, and a charming view of distant, snow-capped Andean peaks. It is easy to see the allure of Argentina’s wine region. Mendoza province produces over half of the country’s wine and foreign visitors flock to soak up some sun and sample the produce. But while Mendoza and its surrounding vineyards are lovely, the wine region extends far into north-western Argentina, and a winding, mountainous road trip is perhaps the best way to not only see more of the country, but to widen one’s wine horizons.