volcano boarding

The Chronicles of Dave and Terry: Volcano Boarding

Terry swore himself awake. Humid Nicaraguan air floated through the window, serving only to burden the struggling air conditioning unit with a more impossible task. Terry looked over at Dave. Snoring impressively, Dave sagged into the bed and a solitary bead of sweat trickled down his gleaming head into the crevasses of his burly neck. Resentful of his slumbering companion, Terry lazily nudged him with his foot until Dave spluttered awake. 

A Visit to Nicaragua

Affectionately named ‘the land of lakes and volcanoes’, Nicaragua attracts visitors with its natural splendour, adventure pursuits and tropical heat. A visit will undoubtedly include a spot of trekking, a dip in a lagoon and possibly a saunter through a canyon. Throw in a few volcanoes and smattering of sandy, Pacific beaches and you have the measure of Nicaragua. Tourists have flocked to the country in recent years, particularly down the country’s western corridor, where the major cities and attractions are found.