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A Siberian Epiphany: Taking the Plunge

It is minus 30°C. Siberia. Mid-January. After weeks of ice cold showers and the odd naked leap into piles of fresh snow, I find myself standing in a long line of Russian men, wearing nothing but a pair of rather tight Speedos.

Despite my preparation, the cold is almost unbearable, especially in my toes, which are red and numb after barely a minute’s exposure to the snow and ice underfoot. My body implores me to return to my clothes and run inside, yet for some reason, my head tells me to stay.

Dating in Russia

I wish I could take this opportunity to wax lyrical about my newfound role in life as an international player, but alas, this would be an extremely short post. Nevertheless, I have inadvertently stumbled onto the odd date with a Russian, despite the best efforts of some mind-numbingly awkward attempts at flirting, which frequently grace my conversations. If I may, I would like to share some dating experiences with you.

The Russian Nightclub: Pros and Cons

The nightclub. A phenomenon in existence all over the world, largely based on the same premise: people of a certain age can dance, socialise and drink in a predetermined establishment. Of course, as with anything, cultural differences manifest themselves everywhere and the nightclub is no different. Below are my observations and thoughts on the Russian nightclub.