The Best of Belize

Belize is a beautiful country and home to a great many peculiarities. It is the anomaly of Central America, an English speaking territory amid an expanse of Spanish. Jerk chicken and seafood replace the tortillas and refried beans of its neighbours. Perhaps most noticeably, the exquisitely manicured Mexican hairstyles, glistening with hair gel, are uprooted in favour of full and unkempt dreadlocks. Throughout history Belize has changed hands, transitioning from a part of the Mayan civilisation to an independent state, via the roundabout route of a Spanish colony and a 120-year stint as British Honduras. The border dispute with Guatemala remains unresolved, adding a hint of spice to this Caribbean cocktail.

Seeing is Belizing

The Belize pun is overdone; not just on social media, but in Belize itself. Every other surf shop, restaurant or street stall on Caye Caulker makes some reference to their unBelizeable offers. The ‘Beleasy does it’ massage parlour has chosen well. But if there was ever a place that could pull of the repetitive pun it is the effortlessly laid-back island of Caye Caulker. Locals wander around barefoot, often drunk or high, but constantly happy. The repetition of a pun is the least of their limited worries.