Paradise Found

Paradise is an overused term. The slightest hint of a white, sandy beach and clear, blue water has become synonymous with the word. We picture an idyllic, tranquil spot, hidden from prying eyes and bathed in the warm rays of a setting sun. But with a plethora of these so-called ‘paradise’ beaches to choose from all over the world, it is surely reasonable to demand more from our idea of utopia?

Colombia's Best Kept Secrets

Colombia: cocaine, coffee, danger. That's the misinformed impression. But, as millions of other travellers will attest to, there is so much more to this fabulous country. Firstly, despite the presence of all three aforementioned 'qualities', their influence on Colombian society has decreased dramatically in the last few years, as the country becomes a much safer place to live. Secondly, this gateway between Central and South America has a relatively rich history and boasts some ridiculously diverse geographical phenomena.